"Rose Cottage"
"Morning Dapples at 6 Picton St."
"Morning on King St."
"An Old Friend"
"Into the Light"
"Green Room"
"Backlit at Balzac's"
"Beating the Rush"
"On the Sunny Side"
"Revel Time"
"Blowes Stationary"
Rhett Butler
"Pumphouse Light"
"Balzac's, Anyone?"
"Afternoon Stroll"
"Edison's Café"
"But First, Coffee..."
"Sirkel Foods"
"Pazzo, Please!"
"Porch Shadows"
 12”x12”/ SOLD
"West Wind"
"Clench House"
"Evening Stroll"
"Good Earth Tree Shadows"
"The Banker's House"
"Sidewalk Shadows"
"Evening Stroll"
"Morning Glory IV"
"By the Light of the Moon"
"Black Swan Anemone"
"A Good Place for a Rest"
"Promenade House"
"Evening Sail"
"Into the Sunset"
"On the Sunny Side"
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